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Mathematics is the science of numbers. It includes the study of those subjects as a matter of interest to those who study them, including shape, measurement, quantity, and spatial arrangement. It typically has no universally accepted definition. But the subject has a well-established theoretical background, which was further developed and refined over the years.

Introduction To Mathematics

Introduction to Math: For students to have a basic knowledge of mathematics, they need to study different subjects, especially those that touch on the real world. Some of these are language learning (including oral and written communication skills), science lessons, and geometry. All of these help us understand the world around us and learn how to interact with it. This allows us to apply our knowledge in the real world, which will prove useful when we enter the job market.

While a subject like science is best studied under a qualified teacher who has earned the right credentials, math teachers can also initiate students’ interest in it by first introducing them to the topics mathematically. You can find the best maths tuition Singapore has offer by visiting this link One can do this through lectures, workshops, seminars, hands-on activities, and so on. Some schools offer a part-time science program. A good part-time course is a fine opportunity for beginning math teachers to introduce their students to the material in a fun way. Some other schools offer weekend courses exclusively for mathematics majors. Such programs will ensure that students get to experience the subject matter firsthand.


Geometry: A math class that emphasize the study of shapes and how to make them fit into each other and/or to be balanced with other objects. Geometry majors learn how to solve problems by creating a mathematical model of the problem at hand and then following it through in real life using real examples. A student learns how to draw a graph, evaluate a mathematical model, calculate an equation, or manipulate a set of geometrical figures. Some students specialize in a particular area of mathematics and pursue advanced degrees or research jobs within the field. Others find a teaching career or enter the educational field of mathematics.


Arithmetic: The application of arithmetic to both science and the world. Algebra is the language of numbers, measurement, composition, and sequence. It is the fundamental building block of mathematics and is related to every other subject in mathematics by its use of algebraic equations. The purpose of learning arithmetic is to become better able to interpret and use patterns in arithmetic calculations and to have a thorough understanding of all the basic arithmetical concepts.

Discrete Mathematics

Discrete Mathematics: This is usually called algebra plus calculus since it usually uses the same tools as algebra and calculus. These include formulas, closed forms, automorphic equations, etc., that can be derived from algebra and calculus. These tools can be used in any branch of mathematics including calculus and hence are part of its foundation. Discrete mathematics deals mainly with accountability, meaning that it can be derived from a natural number, an object, or an idea and can thus be studied independently from all others.

Discrete mathematics has two main types, the closed system and the open system. In the closed system, which is algebra and calculus, the solutions of theorems are closed (known as closed numbers) whereas in the open system the solutions are not. Examples include graphs, optimization problems, etc., which are completely closed systems. The main advantage of the open system is that it allows one to derive concepts and methods from the available data. On the other hand, the closed system allows one to directly solve a system of mathematics such as in arithmetic and geometry.

Differential Geometry and Trigonometry: These are the two areas where students spend most of their time in mathematics. Understanding them requires mastering multiplication tables, trigonometry, and calculus. Pure mathematics deals with identifying numbers, measuring points, and solving problems in pure mathematics such as arithmetic, trigonometry, and calculus. Students need to understand that these concepts are interrelated but not the same. The concepts of geometry and trigonometry are closely related but have different origins, which can be traced to the works of Archimedes, Pappus, and others.

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