Newplayer bonuses, cashback on losses and other welcome offers

The very often offer for a new player is welcome bonuses which were created to attract or appeal to the general public. These bonuses are targeted at accidental or causal gamblers and not intended for more professional or serious players.

Slot players have a greater opportunity for such options than other gamblers.
Depositing bonuses are the rewards to the players who deposit their money for gambling on online casinos. This can save up to 15% with a bonus given for deposit. Occasionally to play online a person is required to make a minimum deposit or the bonus may be limited by some amount. So the player should be careful about this option to avoid any problems or misunderstandings.

The reward for the players can be made in the form of so called cashback on losses. This option offered by some casinos guarantees the certain percent of money back if their balance is zero.

The cashback may apply to primary deposits, which means that a gambler is credited with a % of cashback.2

Online casinos offer different percent of cashback so a player can search for most beneficial options.

Lots of online casinos give new players a great chance to attempt the casino risk-free. This involves the following benefits: if the first trial day of betting leads to overall loss, these online casinos credit the account of a new player with 100% of the initial deposit, up to a limited maximum.

3It is worth to investigate about possible rebates from different online casinos because it may help to save certain amount of money if you have a strategy for this. For instance the new casino heroes: new uk casino – up to 300 free spins or £100 bonus!, some of the online resources offer a % on weekly or daily losses, others return a certain amount on the bet made, etc. It is up to you what options to choose, but if you are a new player you may feel great with more possibilities given to you by online casinos.